Our Story

Inspired by French bicycle design of the 50s and 60s, LINUS have created a bicycle that preserves the simple elegance and pure form of that golden era, but has all the benefits of modern comfort and reliability. LINUS is the utilitarian city bike: simple and reliable, but with a personality and style that makes you feel like you’re in an old French movie… you’re floating a little from the wine you drank at lunch…maybe instead of going back to the office you’ll take a nap under a tree, go for a swim in the sea or drop by your lover’s house…

In most urban cultures bicycles are viewed as legitimate transport and not merely recreation, but sadly this idea hasn't really undergone a revival in Australia yet. 

We take numerous little journeys of a few kilometres as part of our everyday lives: to the store, the pub, to work, and so on. Besides the obvious joy of riding a bicycle, these small bicycle trips reduce carbon  emissions, congestion, noise pollution, and make for a happier city experience.

That’s LINUS: a simple, affordable, elegant bike for riding around and doing stuff.